Translating Applied STEM Research into Secondary Science (TASRs)

TASRSs program graphic
Project Summary

This collection of high school lessons and units was created as part of the TASRSs program. The program provided an opportunity for Nebraska high school science teachers to collaborate with UNL STEM faculty and graduate students engaged in applied STEM research around agriculture and natural resources.  The program goals included developing innovative high school science lessons based upon contemporary applied science, enhancing teachers’ disciplinary knowledge, and enhancing pedagogical knowledge of STEM faculty and graduate students. During the pilot year, teams developed a series of high-school level lesson plans focused on biotechnology, pollinators and invasive species. These lessons align with science standards (Nebraska and Next Generation Science Standards) and are suitable for use in secondary science classrooms 

High School
Classroom Instruction
At-Home Instruction
Life Sciences
Multidisciplinary Sciences
Socio-Scientific Issue
Systems Thinking
Informed Decision Making
Community Science
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