Garden TOOLS - Professional Development

Resource Summary
Our online professional development modules are intended to provide participants with on-demand and easy-to-understand training to help you get started with the Garden TOOLS resources.
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Our professional development series is completely FREE and doesn't require any previous coding, programming, or computer science experience to be successful. It is built to support ALL educators who are interested in facilitating a technology-rich experience with youth in a school or community garden space.

In addition to providing participants with free, on-demand training resources, we are also offering micro-credentials (aka digital badges) to participants who complete Levels 1-3 of the professional development series. Earning a digital badge is not a requirement for participation, but participants may find value in adding these digital badges to their resume in order to communicate their competencies to current or future employers. 

So what are you waiting for? Feel free to click around and check out the various learning modules to learn more about what the Garden TOOLS professional development series has to offer!

Level 1

Sometimes the first step is the hardest to take. If you have never experienced block-based coding or worked with a BBC micro:bit before, then our Level 1 Training is a great place to start. Participants who complete modules 1-3 will be eligible to earn the Taking Tech Outside: Level 1 digital badge

Level 2

Ready to dig a little deeper and grow your facilitation skills? Participants who complete modules 4-6 will be eligible to earn the Taking Tech Outside: Level 2 digital badge.  

Level 3

It's time to reap the rewards of your training and start implementing a Garden TOOLS experience! Participants who complete module 7 will be eligible to earn the Taking Tech Outside: Level 3 digital badge.