Resource Piloting Opportunities

Are you interested in piloting new resources developed by the Growable team? We are currently developing curriculum materials and instructional resources as part of several grant-funded projects. We are often looking for K-12 teachers and non-formal educators who would like to pilot materials in their classrooms and after school programs and provide feedback to improve these resources prior to wide-scale release.

For more information about participating in any of the pilot projects listed below, please contact Erin Ingram at Thanks!

Screenshot from video game, AgPocalypse.

Video Games for Systems Thinking and Decision Making

Project A.C.R.E. is an NSF-funded project focused on developing educational simulation games to enhance understanding of complex interactions of the Corn-Water-Ethanol-Beef system and other agroecosystem interactions through outreach activities including 4-H programs, partnerships with middle school and high school teachers, and engagement of undergraduate students and the public. Fellowship opportunities exist to pilot AgPocalypse and Prairie Protector game materials in your classroom or after school program and provide feedback. Contact Jenny Keshwani to learn more!