About Us

What is Growable?

Our Goal The overall goal of Growable is to promote science literacy as a capacity to make effective decisions grounded in STEM-informed analyses of the big challenges coming our way – both personal and societal. We work through a variety of avenues, including working with PreK-12 educators and students, and public and private partners to achieve this goal. Growing a curious mindset is our top priority. We provide experiences that help individuals transform from consumer to creator while addressing locally relevant challenges.
Defining Science Literacy We define science literacy as:

“An enhanced capacity, both at the individual and collective levels, to make decisions grounded in science-informed analyses of complex, real-world systems and their associated challenges.”

Part of the Growable mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers to solve the challenges of an ever-expanding population. However, there is a bigger need to normalize critical assessment and thoughtful implementation of the creative solutions developed to meet societal needs. Everyone must have a voice in meaningful discussions around tough topics like GMOs and climate change. Thoughtful and informed voters will select leaders and policy decisions that align with long-term solutions. Knowledgeable consumers will vote with their dollars and make informed decisions related to the health and well-being of themselves and their families.
Why do we focus on FEWSS? The topics of food, energy, water and societal systems – otherwise known as FEWSS – are the core of our work partially because we are housed within the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources. But more importantly, many of the big challenges coming our way are related to these topics. We feel that equipping learners across the spectrum to thoughtfully address these challenges is a key leverage action we can take to have the greatest impact.

Connect with us!

Jenny Keshwani

Photo of Jenny Keshwani


I am a biomedical engineer by training that has built a career in science literacy and STEM education. My position combines my technical background with my strengths as an includer and curious explorer. I am constantly amazed that I get to play every day – while inviting others to join in the fun.

Key Duties
  • Grants, research, and asking hard questions
  • Partnership building
  • Instigating new areas for development
  • Building boundaries on work to ensure essentialism

Erin Ingram

Illustration of Erin Ingram


I am an educator, entomologist, and education researcher by training. My position allows me to combine my passion for K-12 education and teaching with my knowledge and skills as a scientist to develop and implement transformative STEM learning experiences.

Key Duties
  • Educator professional development 
  • Instructional materials development and piloting
  • Targeted STEM education initiatives to reach student populations that are underserved or excluded