What's Going on in This Graph - Nebraska Edition - Supplemental Materials

What's Going on in This Graph? - Nebraska Edition graphic
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Need a template for students to share out their noticings and wonderings? We've got you covered with our Husker Wonder Notice and Wonder template and Husker Wonder Slide Deck template.
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Need a graphic organizer for your observations and wonderings? Use our Husker Wonder Worksheet!

Husker Wonder Worksheet
Husker Wonder Slide Template

Need a way for students to notice and wonder while they are learning remotely? Try this great idea from Nebraska teacher, Katy Dornbos to create a class presentation of noticings and wonderings!

  1. Have students select a graph that is interesting to them.
  2. Ask each student to add a new slide to the slide deck.
  3. Add their information to the slide including title, graph, source, and student name.

For more interactivity, have students record a video discussing their noticings and wonderings and add the video link to their slide.

Want to give it a go? Make your class slide deck using the Husker Wonder Slide Template!