Garden TOOLS - Project Cards

Garden vegetables, student notebook, and environmental sensor on a picnic table
Resource Summary
The Garden TOOLS project cards provide guided instructions for BBC micro:bit coding projects that can be used to extend student learning. Project cards include will guide students to... design a soil moisture sensor to match different plant root depths, design a button to count garden visitors, and design an animated scarecrow to scare away pests.
Classroom Instruction
After-School Instruction
Systems Thinking
Informed Decision Making

Project card sets provide a means of extending student learning in a guided fashion. To use each card set, start by printing the project cards using the links below. Fold and glue each card in the set. Assemble the cards as a book or hole-punch and place the cards on ring for students to flip through. 

Project card sets can be used as a learning center activity, take-home activity, or afterschool club activity for students who feel comfortable with BBC micro:bit coding basics and are looking for more advanced engineering projects. The card sets can also be used in conjunction with the Garden TOOLS lesson set.

soil probe graphic

Design soil moisture probes that match the root depth of your plants

Need to know when you should water? Build customized soil moisture probes to match the root depth of plants in your garden.

finger pressing button

Design a button to count garden visitors

Ever wonder how popular your garden is? Create a garden visitor counter that keeps track!

scarecrow graphic

Design an animated scarecrow to scare away pests

Does your garden have a pest problem? Gardeners sometimes install scarecrows to keep away pests. Design a scarecrow of the future that moves based on changes in light level.

Note: Requires a servo